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This page is still being constructed; however, below you will bind 3 of our most popular products, with a brief description of each. This page will be completed no later than the end of the first week in June 2021, please check back frequently for updates and updated service offerings. Once this page is completed you will be able to open PDF files with information about each of our products.

offers a Flat monthly price model that includes- Unlimited Service & Support, Helpdesk, Onsite Support, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery Services & Secure Offsite Backup, Microsoft Patch Management & Monitoring & Alerting on key elements of your applications & systems hardware. Many businesses struggle with getting the technology service, support & direction while maintaining a consistent budget so they can plan ahead. If you using a time and materials model for your technology it might be time to change to a proactive model that will provide a consistent spend on IT, making planning for the business easier.

is our Remote Worker CloudPBX platform that includes capabilities for employees to work completely remote without losing the connectivity with your team mates that you have when you are in the same office.

provides Secure Anytime, Anywhere access to your file share data across all your devices. We are taking remote worker possibilities even further with secure file access - anywhere, any device and no VPN needed. Many of our clients are using this as a VPN replacement.