NTS Digital Technician

NTS Digital Technician          

Increased Productivity and Less Downtime. NTS Digital Technician SM is kind of like OnStar© for your network and applications. With NTS Digital Technician SM we can securely ensure all nodes and applications are operating without error and within pre-defined parameters, 24 x 7. Our product is capable of automatically making corrections to the environment on the fly. Additionally NTS Digital Technician SM checks for and applies critical and security updates for your Microsoft© applications throughout your organization, including desktop and server applications, includes remote remediation, secure customer portal to view overall network health in near real-time, custom scripting, maintenance of core systems and applications and last but not least, it saves your business money because you are getting in front of network and application issues before they become network or application outages. NTS Digital Technician SM is hosted in a hardened data center with redundancies around internet, power, cooling and backup.

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Risk Free Technology. Typically a VAR (Value Added Reseller) will use a break/fix approach to supporting their customers, we simply don't believe in this approach since it's reactive. We believe in using technologies and processes to provide a proactive approach to support. Additionally there is no insight into the network and applications like you have by using our NTS Digital Technician SM product, which gives you the up to the minute and historical information you need to find the problem and provides you with event correlation to more quickly locate and repair the issue prior to a system outage.

Simply put, without insight into the network and real time information and alerts on your critical business systems and applications you truly cannot know for certain what is going on in the network. Just think of how time consuming it would be to have an engineer constantly combing over your environment trying to determine if something were about to go wrong. It's just not feasible with all of the other demands on our IT personnel today, hence, the creation of NTS Digital Technician SM ., our product is like having a qualified engineer consistently sampling specific criteria on your network and within your applications to determine if there is a potential issue or if there may be events occurring that could become a potential issue. Additionally NTS Digital Technician SM can trend so that it can make predictions on when hardware or software issues are probable.

NTS Digital Technician SM is available in a software or software with hardware device. The difference is if you use our hardware device it acts as the "hub" for communications back to us and one of the interfaces on our hardware device can be used to "mirror" network traffic for bandwidth and traffic analysis. Either way you know your netowrk is constantly being watched and protected with our product. Contact us for hardware device pricing.