Storage and Virtualization

NTS have partnered with EMC for our storage provider and VMWare as our Virtualization partner. EMC is used in all of the solutions we deploy from centralized data storage projects, backup and DR projects to full vmware and virtual infrastructure projects.

EMC is known as a leader in the storage space and with storage being so critical in a vmware deployment we feel it's a component that cannot be overlooked if you are to have a successful and scalable vmware deployment. Additionally EMC products allow your business to use a phased approach to getting to the end result of having vmware servers running. Many customers decide to install and migrate file share data and configure replication and backup strategies and then build upon that to arrive at a full solution that encompasses virtual servers, centralized storage, reliable backups and an offsite strategy for DR (disaster recovery).

Common Reasons to Virtualize Servers (expand/collapse)

Server sprawl, power and cooling savings, rack space savings, ability to add RAM, processor and disk space to a server with a few clicks, scalable architecture, hardware cost savings, management savings, centralized data is easier to manage for backups and offsite backups as well as DR replication and most storage devices offer de-duplication which saves you on cost of disk since only one copy is kept (such as the OS) on disk at any given time.

Have a requirement for secure offsite backup to protect your data? NTS Data Defender is our product for secure offsite and local backups to protect your key data..