NTS Proactive Service & Support

Our approach to service and support is clearly what differentiates us from the typical VAR (Value Added Reseller). With the standard approach your VAR makes money when you have systems or applications that are down. Essentially they make money (or are rewarded) when your business feels pain. Our approach is completely different because we have SLA's (Service Level Agreements) around our service for customers who use our NTS Digital Technician SM product. In this model we are not rewarded when your business feels pain and it's in our best interest to ensure things are running as they should and that your business does not experience outages. We feel this is the best model for us and our customers. It's really simple when you think about it.

The product that facilitates this is NTS Digital Technician SM. This product runs in a secure data center, is backed up daily, had redundant power, cooling and Internet access. Bottom line is that this product runs on infrastructure that is designed to be resilient and not fail. Additionally, it runs in a virtual environment. Contact us to find out more about NTS Digital Technician SM and how it can help your business. More information.