Email Redundancy with SPAM and AV Filtering

This is a managed service offering from NTS that filters Email for SPAM and viruses. The difference between this and standard SPAM filtering is that this service not only allows for a customer to view their SPAM, but they can also send and recieve email from their portal login in the event that their email server is down for any reason.

As with any managed services the main benefits are that you don't have to manage or maintain a SPAM and AV filtering system, this system stands as a backup to send and recieve email in the event your mail server is offline for any reason and the system(s) are in a data center so you have the benefits of redundancies that a data center provides - including bandwidth, power, cooling, etc....

As with our standard SPAM and AV Filtering service users have the ability to manage their SPAM and SPAM digest through a web based portal and their MX records for email routing point to our data center so the attack surface on the customers email server is much less since they only accept email from one IP as oppossed to any IP address.