NTS Data Defender

Gartner*: only 6% of companies survive longer than two years after losing data
Secure Offsite Backup

NTS Data Defender protects your data to ensure that you will have access to your most important information in the event of a system failure or simply a single file. Businesses in today's markeplace are so reliant on their data that we feel this is a key starting point for many that have chosen to utilize the expertise that NTS offers in this area. A proper disaster recovery plan includes many things; however, one of the most important is keeping a copy of your important data offsite and secure. Many would answer yes and state that they take tapes offsite and someone is tasked with that each day, but what happens if that tape does not go offsite on a Friday and your business or the one next to yours has a fire over the weekend and all of your systems are gone? What then? We backup 100's of machines and have not had one instance where we could not recover data. Contact us today by calling (515) 612-6313

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Our Managed Service offers the following:

  • Secure and adheres to regulatory compliance such as HIPPA, HITECH, SOX etc…
  • Multiple backups / day (continuous)
  • Alerts on all backups or just on error(s)
  • Agents for SQL and Exchange are included
  • De-duplication and compression are included
  • More resilient because we backup to disk in a secure data center. Disk is more reliable than tape**
  • More reliable and consistent
  • Both onsite and offsite copies of data are kept
  • Configurable retention period. Keep data as long as you need - 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 28 days, 2 years
  • Throttling capabilities to control bandwidth used for secure offsite backups
*Gartner is an independant company that delivers technology research to global technology business leaders to make informed decisions on key initiatives