SPAM and Antivirus Filtering Service

SPAM and AV filtering are critical in todays email environments. We rely so heavily on email for communications with our customers, vendors and prospects. As with any managed services the main benefits are that you don't have to manage or maintain a SPAM and AV filtering system and the system(s) are in a data center so you have the benefits of redundancies that a data center provide - including bandwidth, power, cooling, etc.... There are some additional benefits that are inherent from using a Hosted solution for your SPAM filtering.

Probably the biggest value in using a hosted SPAM filtering solution is in the event you have an Internet outage your email will still be queued on the SPAM filter. This means that you won't lose email or have customers that see an NDR (non-delivery report) that your email system is having issues. Additionally, your MX record(s) point to our SPAM filter and not your internal server which means there is less exposure for customers that have an internal Email Server since you can set up the firewall to only allow email from our SPAM filter.

This service also allows customers to login and manage their SPAM and digests that are sent to them as well as manage whitelists and blacklists.