Hosted Exchange

Do you use a free email service today? Did you know that most of the top free email hosted services scan your email for content and use that to profit from selling to marketing companies and similar types of businesses?

Most businesses don't take another business seriously if their email address is from a free service. Free email addresses have a place and a purpose and using for home or consumer use is where that place is. When businesses see a free email address it sends a message, whether it's correct or not, that the person using that email address does not really take their business seriously. There have been many surveys done on this and it's just a fact that people think that way.

With our Hosted Exchange solution you can rest assured we do not scan the emails or look to make a profit off of your messaging content. Additionally, our systems are redundant, hosted out of a data center with redundant ISP connections, power, etc....

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We have many add-ons and our base package includes 25Gb with each mailbox, Outlook Client and migration of your current email to the new platform. Some of the key features we can add as needed per account are:

  • Additional disk space in 5Gb increments
  • Email alises (FREE)
  • Public folder space in 5Gb increments
  • SPAM / AV filtering services
  • Email encryption
  • Fax services right from your Outlook client
  • Pay as you grow - add additional seats at any time.