VOIP Phone System Yeastar

Most companies rely heavily on their phone systems for sales of products and communications with your customers. Our Hosted PBX solution enables businesses to use the latest technologies and capabilities of a VOIP solution without the capital expenditure associated with a typical premise based VOIP purchase.

Benefits of using a Hosted VOIP Phone System (expand/collapse)

  • Your businesss does not need to employ personnel or train internal personnel to support a VOIP system
  • You will not need to pay for support on your VOIP system since we handle any support and maintenance required on the system(s)
  • Our solution is housed out of a data center and includes capabilities to re-reoute calls if your ISP is down.
  • The data centers we use have redundancies for the OS, power / backup generators and multiple ISP connections.
  • Pay as you grow - add seats at any time.

Our per seat model runs off of the 3CX VOIP platform and each customer can use standard seats or a seat with our call center module